Transcontinental Railroad gameplay image

Transcontinental Railroad

Pick a railroad line and make money. Battle a friend in a 1v1 match. Win by collecting the most money before your tracks connect.

Joseph 4 President gameplay image

Joseph 4 President

Play as 'Joseph' in a 2D platformer designed to simulate an election for class president. Gather votes and defeat bullies to prepare yourself for the final challenge at the end of the level.

Joseph 5 President gameplay image

Joseph 5 President

Collect votes and defeat enemies to upgrade your abilities and win the level. Joseph 5 President is 3D, and includes a variety of new enemies: the super-bully, skull bully, and hydra. New weapons and customizations have been added as well.

Target Practice gameplay image

Target Practice

Survive as long as possible by avoiding crashing with the columns spread across the road. Earn extra points by shooting at targets laid around the track.